Candidates in state races tout their pro-union credentials

April 15, 2018
Kathleen E. Carey

Democrat Kristin Seale described herself as the “bold, progressive choice” and said she’s supportive of LGBTQ rights.

She told how she was a 23-year-old divorced mother who got a union job as a camerawoman in Washington, D.C., that allowed for her to provide for her family. She said her work there familiarized her with union issues.

A member of the Rose Tree Media School Board, she spoke of how they early negotiated a teachers’ contract.

“They know I’m a champion for labor,” she said. “We got that done.”

To the audience, she said, “I’m here for you. I am your sister. I will fight for you in office and out.”

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Delco Young Democast

February 5, 2018
Mike DiEva

Mike, Amanda, and Pasquale talk serious and make goofy-goofs with Kristin Seale, candidate for the 168th PA House district. The gang talks about the thousands of candidates running for Delco's congressional seats, compare metaphorical canvassing scars, finally shine some light into the County Council chambers, discuss criminal justice reform and energy policy, ask "What Did Millennials Kill This Week?", and debate the relative merits of Thorgy Thor.

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Dead (Congress)Men Walking: Are Philly's suburban GOPers totally doomed?

November 9, 2017
Will Bunch

Meet U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan’s worst nightmare: An angry anti-Trump female Delaware County suburbanite with some worn shoe leather.

Kristin Seale, who works for an energy non-profit and lives in Media, had already been thinking about getting involved in local politics after she was elected as a Bernie Sanders delegate to 2016’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, but she said the shock of President Trump’s victory last November “sealed the deal.” She went through a training program for first-time candidates, filed to run for a seat on the Rose Tree Media school board, a longtime GOP bastion, and with her volunteers this fall rang about 3,000 doorbells.

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Pennsylvania's political accelerator for women scored a 100% win rate last night

November 8, 2017
Julie Zeglen

Anne Wakabayashi corrected herself after answering my “How are you?” phone greeting with a standard “I’m good.”
“I’m awesome, actually.”

Understandable. Wakabayashi is the executive director of Emerge Pennsylvania, the local chapter of the national accelerator for Democratic women running for office, which just had a killer night: Six out of six alumnae who ran for office, including five members of the 2017 class and one from 2016, won their races.

Janet Diaz is now the first Latina to join Lancaster City Council
Susan Henderson-Utis joined the Rose Tree Media School Board
Deborah Kalina joined the Southern York School Board
Kristin Seale joined the Rose Tree Media School Board
Paige Strasbaugh joined the Woodland Hills School Board
Barbaranne Keffer joined the Upper Darby Council

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Letter to the Delco Daily Times: RTM citizens deserve more transparency & info

May 1, 2017
Kristin Seale

As a communications professional for nonprofit organizations for over a decade, I know what it means to be accountable to all of an organization’s membership, and to provide consistent, responsible dissemination of all of the organization’s information to various audiences and stakeholders.

As a Master of Public Administration, you have my firm commitment that I will work to create ethical, two-way communication between the school district and this community if elected – the kind of communication that includes active listening and respectful responsiveness. You deserve that at a minimum.

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